Our Stories

We are happy to share some real-life stories with you!


Dave*, 15, had been using marijuana for the past year. When his drug use became daily, he began shoplifting from local stores to feed his habit. He decided that he could make more money by stealing bicycles. He saw a nice bicycle outside a local convenience store and decided to try to steal it. He couldn't get the lock undone so he waited for the ow...

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Possession of Stolen Property and Dangerous Driving

The accused, Kyle*, attempted to receive payment for stolen merchandise at a pawnshop. The police were waiting for him there, and a car chase ensued during which Kyle's vehicle collided with another car. Upon arrest, it was discovered that he had possession of several other pieces of stolen property. As a result Kyle faced numerous serious charges. ...

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Break & Enter, Possession of Credit Cards, Theft Under

Daniel became involved with the Project after he was charged with 16 counts involving a number of Break and Enters, Possession of Property Under, Theft Under, Possession/Use of Credit Card, Loiter at Night on Other Person's Property and Fail to Comply! Daniel a long history of being involved in this kind of thing so upon arrest he was sent to a close...

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