Quotes from Previous Clients

 “I found peace in myself and I was able to forgive him for what he’s done, and I don’t think I could have without this program.”

“I was full of hatred and when I left I was happier than I was before going. I’m not sure if I would have changed without them being there for me.”

“You get to see the offender’s point of view and they get the chance to explain why they did what they did.”

“It helped both parties, both parties to heal, or to understand other person.”

“I think that being able to talk it out and ask questions, and learn something from the other person involved and their feelings, I think that was important to him. It was for me. I learned quite a bit.”

“Somebody is going to sit with you, listen to what you have to say, being nonjudgmental, and help you talk through the events to hear how you felt about it. I think that’s a big thing.”

“[The caseworker] was very supportive, very accommodating and sensitive to our needs.”

“They [CJP] were very helpful. I had all of their numbers so if I needed to get a hold of them, I could.”

“It was a comfortable environment and the person I was working with was really understanding and made the situation more comfortable.”

 “There was an eye opening experience on both parties. I found out the reasons why she was in the predicament that she was, and the circumstances that led her to that.”

“This is what makes people change their attitudes, and in this case, it’s changing her [the offender’s] life.”

“It [the program] made me feel good about myself and feel good to try to help somebody.”

“Now I can talk about the situation and I have no frustrations, no resentment.”

“So yes, I did find some healing for myself. I found that I could let go of the situation that happened and feel positive about the outcome because I saw a very nice change in the other person.”

 “Yeah, I think it really helped, even after I was done with court, I got to apologize for myself and that was good for my situation, like the kind of help I needed. It helped me to move past the whole thing.”

“Had I known about this program earlier, I would have turned around and talked [the incident] earlier.”

 “It is actually a blessing and a benefit that anybody who has been wronged to be able to go through that is just amazing “

“The justice system, the court system does not ever give you, in our case anyhow, did not ever give us a chance to sit and talk in a safe environment, controlled environment where we were able to all share equally in what had happened and that is extraordinarily necessary, I think, for people to actually heal and get over what has happened.”

“It was a very positive impact.”

“We had a chance to actually create something positive through this reconciliation process for that other person and for ourselves.”

“It was a safe and comfortable environment.”

“I would certainly recommend it.”

“I was very happy with the process.”