Voici quelques lettres d'appui de nos clients précédents!

Quotes from Previous Clients

 “I found peace in myself and I was able to forgive him for what he’s done, and I don’t think I could have without this program.”

“I was full of hatred and when I left I was happier than I was before going. I’m not sure if I would have changed without them being there for me.”

“You get to see the offender’s point of view and they get the chance to explain why they did what they did.”

“It helped both parti...

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Assault with a Weapon Case

I was involved in an unfortunate incident months ago which resulted in criminal charges brought against me. I’m a middle age professional, hardworking, responsible, family oriented, and engaged in the community that has never been involved in disputes like that, let alone with the police.

Out of frustration of experiencing the same noise situation for the last 7 years, I made a mistake when I let my ...

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Alcohol Related Crimes

Translation coming soon!...

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Break and Enter Case

I am writing on behalf of myself, my husband and our children. The purpose of this letter is to state, for the record, how very impressed we are with the Collaborative Justice Project and with the two staff we’ve had contact with in the course of our involvement.

We became aware of the program after we received a letter from you informing us of the opportunity to participate because we had been the v...

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Case Involving Youth Struck by a Car

Having recently served on a jury in the Ontario Superior Court and also experienced restorative justice through the Collaborative Justice Program in Ottawa, I am even more supportive of the restorative justice philosophy.

In January of this year, our 13-year-old son and two friends were struck by a car moments after stepping off their school bus. Mercifully, the young driver, who had lost control ...

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Driving Death Case

My apologies for the delay in writing, but hopefully you subscribe to the theory that it is better late than never.

I wish to thank you for involving me in the Collaborative Justice Project. Its emphasis on the restorative aspects of justice offers a marked and positive contrast to the generally negative experience provided by the criminal justice system for the parties involved.

The criminal proc...

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