Break and Enter Case

I am writing on behalf of myself, my husband and our children. The purpose of this letter is to state, for the record, how very impressed we are with the Collaborative Justice Project and with the two staff we’ve had contact with in the course of our involvement.

We became aware of the program after we received a letter from you informing us of the opportunity to participate because we had been the victims of a robbery.

Everything about the process, the initial meeting with you and our family, the ongoing communication, the meeting with the accused, and the subsequent updates from you has been excellent.

The biggest benefit, of course, is that as a family we have received understanding, support, the chance to process the effect of the crime on our lives, and, ultimately, the opportunity to meet with the accused and say and hear what needed to be said and heard.

This is an experience of closure to the episode that the traditional criminal process does not offer. We believe that the benefits are tremendously significant – to us and to the perpetrator – and more broadly and perhaps more importantly, to our community and society.

We wish to state our unqualified support for continued funding for this most valuable programme. We would be happy and eager to do anything we can to promote ongoing funding for the Collaborative Justice Project.